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India's diverse natural topography and climatic conditions make it an excellent location to shoot various moods.

We help directors scout locations (across India) and plan their shoots to capture their perfect shot.


Great casting makes great films. Being based in Mumbai, we have access to a broad spectrum of aspiring and established models and actors, ready to make your film more memorable.


Looking for the right production crew to execute your directorial vision? We can source and supply skilled line producers, DOP's, choreographers, make-up artists, stunt directors and many other talented film production specialists.


Take advantage of the latest and best film equipment available today at affordable prices. From cameras ranging from, but not limited to, the Arri 435, Arri III, RED and Phantom HD to Pather dollies, cranes and lighting gear, we help you find the right equipment.

post production

The booming production industry in India today has opened the doors to innovative post production techniques to control aspects such as Telecine, offline editing, DI, sound and 2D & 3D animations. We use our well established relationships with studios to allow high-grade AV post production.

Hundred Frames is a film production company in India representing new age directors to the advertising industry within India and globally.

We aim to showcase the talents of upcoming directors while providing them with affordable, high-grade production services required to make consistent, cutting-edge and captivating ad films in India.

Prashant Sampat
Producer & Co-founder
T :+91 9892606246

Shekhar Ravjiani

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